2G Flicx Eagle Eye Coaching Cricket Pitch



Product Description

The NEW 2G Eagle-eyed Pitch imitates the Hawk eye referral system in top international cricket with different coloured tiles illustrating full length, good length and short length bowls to aid training and add an element of fun. It enhances decision making in stroke play.

Sizes available as follows:

F2G810 Flicx Eagle Eye Coaching Pitch – Extra Length 22.12 x 1.8 £3,600.00
F2G811 Flicx Eagle Eye Coaching Pitch 20.12 x 1.8 £3,300.00
F2G814 Flicx Eagle Eye Colt Coaching Pitch 18.12 x 1.8 £3,000.00
F2G815 Flicx Eagle Eye Jnr Coaching Pitch 16.12 x 1.8 £2,610.00
F2G812 Flicx Eagle Eye Coaching Batting End 10.00 x 1.8 £1,680.00
F2G813 Flicx Eagle Eye Coaching Batting end Jnr 7.5m x 1.6m £1,140.00

The Benefits of 2G?
Improved ball bounce
Better seam and spin performance
Easy to work with and softer when rolling out
Brighter colours
New designs to support coaching
More surface traction

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