Crazy Catch Freestyle Reaction Trainer

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Product Description

Crazy Catch Freestyle Reaction Trainer

Size: 520mm (w) x 520mm(h)

Includes: Carry bag and Bolt on handles

The Crazy Catch Freestyle is small and compact and a lot of fun. This unique hand held rebound net offers a variety of training and game options. The Freestyle net is two sided and features a SANE and INSANE unpredictable ball return.

And you can use the Freestyle indoors or outdoors. Plus its convenient size makes it ideal to carry along to any training session…or recreation time as a bit of fun and games. Take the Crazy Catch Freestyle along to the park or the beach. The Crazy Catch Freestyle is perfect for the serious or developing sports person. But this Freestyle rebounder can just be about enjoyment.

NB- You may want to use protective eye wear when using the Crazy Catch Freestyle with smaller, harder balls.